Brittany and Felipe

Brittany and Felipe met after Felipe was hired as the aquatics director at the pool she was coaching swimming at in Birmingham. A few years later and after a long swim meet weekend in Auburn, Britt’s brother Matt called her up and asked her if she and Felipe wanted to hang out with him and his girlfriend Ellen in Auburn. Britt thought it was weird because she had just gotten to see him the weekend before at the meet but thought maybe he wants to talk about applying for jobs or even better: propose to his girlfriend. She almost canceled on him the Wednesday before because of other responsibilities. Felipe begged Britt not to cancel because they “needed a relaxing weekend out of Birmingham”.

Saturday morning came, and Brittany and Felipe took their time leaving Birmingham for Auburn. Once arriving in Auburn, her brother nor Felipe had anything planned. Britt had to come up with all of the activities including carving pumpkins, dinner, etc. Before going to bed, Felipe suggested that they all go on a hike at Chewacla State Park.

This being their third time to the park on October 28, 2018, Felipe continued to pick fun at Britt on the drive there about showing him the non-existent waterfall two years prior. Once getting to the park, the group lets Britt lead because she “walks faster than everyone else” with Wesley in tow. A soon as they get to the water fall, Felipe bee-lines for the water’s edge with the dog who then jumps in and starts swimming… Felipe continues walking and hopping along the rocks with Wesley. Ellen tells Britt to go help him with the dog, and pushes her towards him. When Britt finally gets down there, Felipe puts his arm around her (something he doesn’t normally do in front of people). Britt turns and asks him what is going on, and at that time, she sees Matt and Ellen taking photos. Stuffing the large dog leash in his pocket and getting down on one knee while trying to balance on the rocks… He says, “Britt will you make the happiest person on Earth by spending the rest of your life with me?”

The blubbering mess of a Britt says “Yes!” and learns that Felipe has contacted and canceled all responsibilities, and there was a party at her parents’ waiting on them!
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